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Introductory Theatrical Sword Fighting Classes

Our introductory stage combat classes teach historical sword fighting from the ground up.  Maestro Cawelti’s system was the first to combine historical training and sword techniques with modern stage combat.  Our work is based on the techniques of 16th and 17th C. European rapier masters.  These techniques are fused with Michael’s unique system of stage combat, which allows the scholar to perform safe, yet realistic sword play with a dramatic arc.  No experience is necessary for the beginning classes.  Students learn stance, footwork, weapons use, timing and acting with sword in hand.  As scholars progress, they are introduced to choreography and performing fights.  One of the benefits of our system of training, is that scholars learn actual sword use, which is then interpreted through swordplay appropriate for the theatrical presentation.

Introductory instruction is every Tuesday 7:30-9:30 pm.  Swords provided.

Contact Michael Cawelti to sign up: captglvr@gmail.com / 510 686-3835 (voice mail)

Intermediate and Advanced Theatrical Sword Fighting Classes

The schoole’s ongoing stage combat classes teach intermediate and advanced theatrical sword fighting. Weapons include long sword, rapier and dagger, small sword, military saber, Pirate cutlass, and quarter staff. Our swordplay is more than fencing for theater, it is historically inspired story telling with sword in hand, made to seem realistically dangerous, while being completely safe to the actors. The intermediate/ advanced classes work advanced weapons techniques, timing, and acting.   These are the building blocks needed to perform choreographed fights which are safe, and have the look of realism, while serving the nuances of character and plot.

Tuesdays 8:00-10:00pm. Prerequisite: Introductory Swordplay Class or prior approval of the Maestro. Some weapons can be provided, but advanced students are encouraged to own their own swords.


El Cerrito Veteran’s Hall
6401 Stockton
El Cerrito, CA 94530

Our San Francisco Bay Area location is near the El Cerrito BART station in the East Bay, just north of Berkeley.


Michael Cawelti:  captglvr@gmail.com  /  510 686-3835 (Google Voice)

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