Albion Alums Perform at Dickens Christmas Fair!

Hi All,  in the last couple months we have produced another great comedy / swordfight show with the scholars of Albion!  “All’s Well That Ends Badly” is currently running on the Victoria & Albert Stage at the great Dickens Christmas Fair in the Cow Palace in San Francisco.  There is still time to catch the show as we run Saturdays and Sundays til just before Christmas.  Our show times are 11:15 & 4:00.

The show is probably the best witty writing I have done in the 8 Albion shows we have all produced in the last 20 years!  Think of it as “Noises Off!” for Shakespearean actors…  The concept is a rehearsal of a Christmas charity performance involving all the leading Shakespearean actors of Victorian London.  As it’s a rehearsal, the audience gets to see all the egos in full force, and what they really think of one another.  🙂

Here are some shots of the production.  It is really a lot of fun, especially if you know anything about Shakespeare…  Then you’ll get all the inside jokes…AWEB Beatrix AWEB Brutus AWEB Painting AWEB Swordfight