Catching up on a Year of posting!

Hello All!

Meastro Cawelti here…  It’s been a long time, with little posting, but life has been busy!  To catch you up on Albion activities; the sword troupe has performed at the Northern California Pirate Festival (2013) in a new show called “The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure”.  This is a half hour show with a lot of sword fights and a lot of pirates.  We are in pre-production right now for the 2014 version.  If you are near Vallejo, CA on Father’s Day weekend, drop by and see us on the main stage!  I am the Black Powder Safety Coordinator for the Festival, and the Festival presents a ship to shore cannon battle twice daily.  Nothing’s been blown up that wasn’t meant to…  Now that’s a good show!  😀

Last Summer I traveled to L.A. to  portray Theodore Roosevelt for the Old Fort MacArthur Days, in San Pedro, CA; which is a huge Military Living History encampment.  I’ve been asked back again this year to deliver the Keynote speech, and charge up San Juan Hill.  As an actor, I have traveled the country portraying T.R. and I also starred in the History Channel’s “The Spanish American War: First Intervention” as Col. Roosevelt.  (It’s available to see on Netflix)  🙂

Last Fall was another season at the Northern California Renaissance Festival where we performed:  “Manly Men in TIghts!”  the rollicking farce of swashbuckling and sex appeal – now in it’s 15th season.  Such a fun show.  Each year we improve the script and add things to keep it fresh.  We have estimated that over 400,00 people have laughed their butts off watching this show since it’s inception in 1991.

Last November saw the Albion performance troupe mount a new production for the Dicken’s Christmas Fair:  “All’s Well that Ends Badly”.  A “Noises Off” style comedy with Dramatic Shakespearean conflicts, and swordf ights (and that was just off-stage!).  It was a big hit!  And we shall be back again creating theatrical mayhem this November/December!

Recently, Provost of the Schoole, John Woodruff and I dressed up and performed choreographed fights for the Opening Night Gala for “Game of Thrones”.  There were 2,000 people at the party, mostly dressed up, and it was a blast.  It was also a bit odd… we would clear a space, and start to fight, and then 300 cell phones would come out and film us…  funny that…. 🙂

We have had so many “hits” and subscriptions to our U-Tube videos of “Sword Points”,  it is truly flattering.  Thank you all for watching, and Gerard and I promise that a new set are in preparation and soon to be videoed.

That’s it for now.  More news with sword in hand, as it happens!  Cheers!