Sword Points #2: Basic Cut Drill

This Sword Points video features one of the basic sword fighting cut drills used at the Albion Schoole of Defense stage combat instruction program. For rapier fights we use 5 basic cuts and 5 corresponding parries, which we’ve put together in this drill.

This video is a demonstration. There is a lot going on in the simple drill that isn’t obvious to people new to stage combat, including the critical safety techniques that are incorporated–more than we can explain in one quick video–which is why we are filming a series of videos. We’ll explain the details in upcoming installments, so please don’t copy what you see in the video without additional safety information or qualified guidance.

Some of the details include how to make cuts properly; what angles are needed; how hard to make the cuts, how to transition from one cut to another and proper distance. You’ll also need to know where to parry and why; what angles to use; how to transition from one parry to another; how to keep your blade safely out of your partners way; proper timing and more. So, stay tuned for more sword fighting tips and techniques.

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